3rd Grade Resources

Geometry and Measure # Sense Computation Math Facts Compreh. Words Spell Brain Breaks Character Devel. Books
2D & 3D Shapes Butterfly Counting by 3s # and Balance Properties (+, -) not timed Address Labels ABCya.com Alpha-Bot Adventure to Fitness Anti-Bullying Videos Hallow Kids
3D Shape Fun Butterfly Random Count (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 100) Addition- Levels 2 or 3 +, -, x, and / Animal Matching Battleship- phonics ou and u BIGbot GoNoodle
Cube Nets Compare Place Value (pick 1, 2 or 3) Addition (pick levels 3 or 5) +, -, x, / (play all number AND timed) Crime Scene Investigation Crazy "Mad" Libs JUMBLE KIDS Jammin 1

Fuel the Brain Count by 4s Addition Speed Grid Fact Fun Dolphins Story Hangman Long A and E Robo-Bee Jammin 2

Fun Brain Measurement Dragon's Eggs Amoeba Division Interactive Multiplication Table Elephants Comp. Hangman (long I and O)
Jammin 3

GAMES Flag Fractions Amoeba Multiplication Math Magician READING GAMES Hangman Long I and O Challenge
Jammin 4

Measure Perimeter Fraction Checker Cross the Swamp (pick+ or - and then 1-100) Meteor Multiplication Story Comp. Jumbles Long O and I
Jammin 5

Multi Shape 3D Match Fraction Fourths Division Machine (pick levels 2 or 3) Multiplication Eaters Story Fill-IN Mad Libs 1
Jammin 6

Perimeter Interactive #1 Fraction Matching HOODA MATH Multiplication Table (shows arrays) Two Sisters Story Comp. Mad LIbs #2
Jammin 7

Polygon Names Melvin Makes a Match-Fractions Pick Levels 1, 2, or 3 Online Timed Tests Two sisters story (create story) Mad Libs #3
Jammin 8

Shape Blaster Order Number 6 Digit Quick Math Skater Math Two Sisters (story fill-in) Nouns and Pronouns
Jammin 9

Sleuths on the Loose Pick 100 or 1000 Subtraction Machine (levels 2 or 3) Space Race Stories to Read Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs
Jammin 10

Tangram Puzzles Pict (NUMBERS TO 100) SumDog X3 Video The Sentence and Nouns Rhyme and Roll
Jammin 11

Teaching Perimeter Place Value 100 Thousand Times Table Grid x4 Video Verbs #2

Jammin 12

Place Value Charts (pick TH HTU
X and / (play by number) Verbs #3

Jammin 13

Place Value to 100 Thousand #2
x flashcards (printable)

Jammin 14

Rounding to the nearest 10

Jammin 15

Rounding to the nearest Hundred

Jammin 16

Three Digit Place Value

Jammin 17

Jammin 18

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